Community Teams

At St Peter and St Paul CE Primary School we have four Community Teams:
  • Team Anne (yellow)
  • Team Bess (blue)
  • Team Mary (red)
  • Team Victoria (purple)
    How does it work?
  • The four Communities are named after the four blast furnaces, which overlook the school from the local steelworks. The blast furnaces were originally names after four queens of England.
  • Pupils and staff are placed into one of the four communities when they start the school. Families are all in the same community.
  • Pupils can earn tokens for their community at any point during the school day, in and out of the classroom.
  • All members of staff working in the school or working with pupils can award community tokens, including visitors.
  • Tokens are collected in the heart of the school.
  • Community leaders will count the tokens on a weekly basis.
  • In our Friday assembly each week, the scores will be announced and recorded in the hall.
  • The totals each week are counted up over a term and exchanged for a community reward.
  • On Thursdays communities come together for community worship.
  • Events are held throughout the year in communities eg Harvest and Easter.
    Head Teacher Mrs Louise Cranidge

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